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Martial Arts

Develop martial skill, coordination,
and intentional focus of the mind

Four Winds Health Center offers classes in Xingyi Quan and Bagua Zhang, both Chinese internal martial arts. "Internal" refers to the breathing methods and postural alignment used in the practice of these arts. This type of practice cultivates internal power, coordination, balance, and strength.

Bagua training is based on Taoist meditative circlewalking and is great for improving balance and flexibility. Xingyi was used by soldiers marching in formation, and is a straight-line attacking art that uses the Five Elements and Twelve Animals. Both arts include developmental exercises, forms, two-person drills, weapons training, and are superb for self-defense and health maintenance. All Instructors are certified by the North American Tang Shou Tao Association. Classes are open to students of all ages and abilities.

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